K30M temperature and humidity transmitter

by:Sure     2021-08-03
Accuracy: 1.5%RH, 0.3°C (0100%, 232°C) Circuit operating conditions: Humidity: 099%RH, no condensation. Temperature: 050°C Probe working conditions: Humidity: 0100%, Temperature: -50200°C Analog output: 420mA,05V,010V Liquid crystal display: temperature°C, relative humidity %RH, alarm prompt, membrane keyboard display resolution: 0.1%RH, 0.1℃ Power supply and load: Accuracy: ±1.5%RH, ±0.3℃ (0…100%, 23±2℃) Circuit operating conditions: Humidity: 0…99%RH, no condensation. Temperature: 0…50℃ Probe working conditions: Humidity: 0…100%, temperature: -50…200℃ Analog output: 4…20mA, 0…5V, 0…10V LCD display: temperature ℃, relative humidity %RH, alarm Prompt, membrane keyboard display resolution: 0.1%RH, 0.1℃ power supply and load: 15-26VDC, voltage output> 1000Ω, current output <500Ω Sensor characteristics: repeatability <0.5%RH, <0.1℃; annual drift <1% RH; <0.1℃ Purpose: 2/5m extension cord, separate installation, environmental test box, food processing size: 160mmX90mmX60mm, probe diameter 15mm, length 250mm Additional functions: relay control, communication, range arbitrary setting
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