Characteristics of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Sure     2020-07-04
The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is composed of a sensor and a converter. It is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction and is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquids. It is a speed meter. Our instruments are all calibrated before leaving the factory. In addition to measuring the volume flow of general conductive liquids, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter can also be used to measure strong acids and alkalis and other strong corrosive liquids and uniform liquid-solid two such as mud, ore pulp and paper pulp. The volume flow rate of the liquid in phase suspension. It is widely used in the flow measurement of industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, papermaking, environmental protection, food and municipal management, water conservancy construction, river dredging and other fields. The characteristics and uses of the instrument are widely designed, and the measurement is not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity. There are no blocking parts in the measuring tube, no pressure loss, and the requirements for straight pipe sections are reduced. It has unique adaptability to slurry measurement. Reasonable choice of electrode and lining materials, which has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. 1. Full digital processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high precision, wide flow measurement range. 2. Ultra-low EMI switching power supply, suitable for a wide range of power supply voltage changes, good EMI resistance. Adopt 16-bit embedded microprocessor, fast operation speed, high precision, low frequency rectangular wave excitation, and programmable excitation frequency, which improves the stability of flow measurement and low power consumption. 3. Using SMD devices and surface mount (SMT) technology, the circuit reliability is high. There are no moving parts and no flow blocking parts in the pipeline, and there is almost no additional pressure loss during the measurement. 4. The range can be modified on site according to the actual needs of users. 5. High-definition backlit LCD display, full Chinese menu operation, convenient application, simple operation, easy to learn and understand. With RS485, RS232, Hart and Modbus Profibus-DP and other digital communication signal output (optional). 6. With self-test and self-diagnosis functions. 7. Total hour recording function, record the total flow in hours, suitable for time-sharing measurement system (optional) There are three internal calculators that can display the forward cumulative amount, the reverse cumulative amount and the difference cumulative amount There is a power-down clock inside, which can record 16 times of power-down time (optional). 8. Infrared handheld manipulator, 115KHZ communication rate, all functions of remote non-contact operation converter (optional).
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