Electromagnetic flowmeter revenue ranks first

by:Sure     2020-06-23
  According to the latest research from FlowResearch, although electromagnetic flowmeters have not been applied in the hottest market today, their global revenue is higher than any other type of flowmeter. The revenue of electromagnetic flowmeters exceeds the revenue of all flowmeters including Coriolis, positive displacement, turbine and differential pressure flowmeters.   Most flowmeters including turbine, Coriolis, and ultrasonic flowmeters can only play their role in clean liquids and gases. However, the electromagnetic flowmeter shows its function in unclean liquids. Electromagnetic flowmeters and Doppler ultrasonic flowmeters are two of the few products that can perform well in dirty liquids.   Although the electromagnetic flowmeter market has matured and stabilized, there are still many new products on the market. Recently, a two-wire electromagnetic flowmeter was newly introduced. The four-wire flowmeter has a dedicated power supply, while the two-wire flowmeter is powered by the loop, which can reduce the wiring cost and the final installation cost. Therefore, it is very popular with consumers. Although the two-wire flowmeter only accounts for a small part of the total sales of electromagnetic flowmeters, its development from 2008 to 2013 is extremely significant.   There is another major progress in electromagnetic flowmeters, that is, the development of battery-driven wireless electromagnetic flowmeters. Because it is driven by batteries, this electromagnetic flowmeter can be installed in hard to reach places. Even if it is impossible to wire, the wireless design flowmeter can transmit receivable signals. Both of these aspects represent the fastest growing field in the electromagnetic flowmeter market.    We will soon see that electromagnetic flowmeters will soon replace differential pressure flowmeters. They are widely used in processing industries including chemical, food, pharmaceutical and paper making. For example, in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, special liners allow them to work in a clean environment. 29% of the revenue of electromagnetic flowmeters comes from the water industry, and the sales volume of electromagnetic flowmeters in this industry is the highest in the processing industry. According to Jesse Yoder, President of FlowResearch, the factors driving the development of the electromagnetic flowmeter market mainly include the following aspects:   The steady introduction of new products keeps the dynamic development of the electromagnetic flowmeter market;    Plug-in meters provide more options for users who are unwilling to spend a lot of money to install large linear electromagnetic flowmeters.   The provider provides a wide variety of liners for the treatment of sewage and corrosive liquids.   Advanced diagnostic methods make the electromagnetic flowmeter more intelligent and reliable.   As the population continues to grow and the lack of water resources becomes increasingly prominent, water flow measurement becomes more and more important.
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