Common problems of electromagnetic flowmeter applied in water supply system

by:Sure     2020-06-17
1. Power supply problem: due to the external power supply of electromagnetic flowmeter, outdoor installation is inconvenient, which also limits the use of electromagnetic flowmeter in suburban pipe network. In addition, the electromagnetic flowmeter does not have its own power supply. Once the power is cut off, the data of the flowmeter used as the settlement water meter will be missing, thus raising new problems in the measurement and calculation of the missing water during the power-off period, the general water supply enterprises and users are all case-by-case discussions, which has increased a lot of work. If the electromagnetic flowmeter can have its own power supply, it can fundamentally solve this problem and will also promote its popularization and application in the settlement of water meters. 2. Signal transmission problem: electromagnetic flowmeter used in regional pipe network can provide certain decision information for urban water supply dispatching, therefore, we hope that the electromagnetic flow signals used for user settlement and regional pipe networks are real-time continuous. At present, electromagnetic flowmeter requires water supply enterprises to develop or select other data transmission systems in order to realize real-time monitoring of data. This not only increases the cost investment, but also increases the difficulty of operation management. If the electromagnetic flowmeter can complete the automatic conversion and wireless transmission of signals in the instrument itself, reducing the compatibility of data acquisition or mutual conversion and other troubles, it will provide convenience for enterprises to use, it will also add greater advantages to the promotion and application of electromagnetic flowmeter. 3. Lightning protection problem: whether it is a settlement water meter or an electromagnetic flowmeter for regional measurement, in relatively open suburbs, especially in areas with large coverage area in thunderstorm weather, lightning protection of electromagnetic flowmeter is a severe test. After strict grounding and power supply protection, the probability of electromagnetic flowmeter installed in open areas being struck by lightning is still very high. It is usually used to build a house on the electromagnetic flowmeter well, to make a net and to install a lightning rod to protect the Lightning. This effect is very obvious, but it is necessary to solve the problem of land use rights and coordinated planning with the surrounding environment. The procedure is more complicated. Therefore, * the simple and effective method is to improve the lightning protection performance of the flowmeter itself. If it cannot be fundamentally solved, the internal circuit should be separated and protected, so that even if it is damaged by lightning, the replacement cost can be reduced. Electromagnetic flowmeter is a flow meter with high precision and high reliability, so we are very meticulous in every link in the process of selecting and designing product structure, selecting materials, formulating process, production assembly and factory testing, it is specially used for the production equipment and real flow calibration device of electromagnetic flowmeter, thus ensuring the long-term high quality of products in both software and hardware.
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