What companies are producing vortex flow meter?
Since the launch of vortex flow meter, it has been well accepted by the market and many manufacturers find business potential from it. To browse through the manufacturer list of the product online, you may find out tens of thousands of enterprises. Tianjin Sure Instrument Co.,Ltd. is no doubt on the list. After years of endeavours in perfecting our manufacturing technology, the product becomes more and more favoured by the customers worldwide. Thanks to our selection of high-quality materials and processing setup, the product is bound to attract more customers in the near future.
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With topnotch technology, Sure Instrument provides the maximum-qualitymagnetic flow meter. The Temperature Transmitter series has become a hot product of Sure Instrument. This product causes only a small amount of noise pollution. It uses a fundamental method to control noise - eliminating friction as much as possible. It is widely used in the chemical industry, metal & mining industry, etc. Sure Instrument is able to meet the needs of different customers and new Totalizer product development. It is resistant to wear and corrosion.
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Quality, as important as R&D, is our top concern. We will put more effort as well as capital in product development and optimization by offering core technologies, personnel, and supportive environment.

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