What about CIF of ultrasonic water tank level meter ?
Please consult with our Customer Service concerning the CIF for specific items. We'll explain the stipulations right away if we start our discussion, and to get everything in writing, so there is no doubt on what's been agreed upon. If you're confused which Incoterms is best for in relation to costs, trade margins, supply chain efficiencies, time constraints, etc., then our sales experts might help!

Tianjin Sure Instrument Co.,Ltd. provides customers with one-stop ultrasonic flow meter including handheld ultrasonic flow meter. Sure Instrument produces a number of different product series, including oil flow meter. Creative gas roots flow meter produced from advanced materials come with flow meter for natural gas. The product features low consumption and has superior quality in energy conservation. This means that users can benefit from this product to reduce their electricity cost. The product has a high measuring accuracy.

Sure Instrument remains dedicated to developing ultrasonic flow meter while continuing to engage in mutually beneficial long-term cooperation with our customers. Get info!
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