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Installation method and precautions of metal tube float flowmeter

by:Sure     2021-07-30
How should the metal tube float flowmeter be installed, and what aspects should be paid attention to during installation? The following Jiangsu Huahai Measurement u0026 Control will explain to you the precautions that need to be paid attention to during installation, and help you to install more smoothly. 1. Installation and use of metal tube float flowmeter 1. Before installation and operation of metal tube float flowmeter, all packages should be disassembled, and the parts that fixed the float during transportation should be taken out and inspected for damage. 2. Before installing in the process pipeline, clean the welding slag in the pipeline to prevent impurities in the pipeline from blocking the meter and affecting normal use. 3. In order to ensure measurement accuracy, it is recommended to install a 5DN straight inlet pipe section upstream of the flowmeter and a 250mm outlet straight pipe section downstream. 4. The flowmeter has vertical installation and horizontal installation. If it is a vertical installation, the verticality of the installation should be guaranteed to be better than 1%. If it is a horizontal installation, the installation verticality and horizontality should be guaranteed to be better than 1%. 5. If the medium contains solid impurities, a filter should be installed between the valve and the straight pipe section; if the medium contains ferromagnetic substances, a magnetic filter should be installed upstream of the flowmeter. 6. Since the metal tube float flowmeter is equipped with a magnetic remote transmission system, it is necessary to ensure that the magnetic field generated by other surrounding equipment does not affect the measurement result. 7. The instrument installed in the pipeline should not be subjected to pressure, and the entrance and exit of the instrument should be supported by suitable pipelines to keep the instrument in a state of minimum stress. 8. When measuring low temperature media, the jacket type is required. 2. Pay attention to the following aspects when installing the metal tube float flowmeter: 1. The metal tube float flowmeter must be installed vertically on a vibration-free pipeline. The fluid flows through the flow meter from bottom to top, and the verticality is better than 2°, and the horizontal angle is better than 2° when installed horizontally;      2. In order to facilitate the maintenance and replacement of the flowmeter, cleaning the measuring pipe, the metal pipe installed on the process pipeline Float flow meters should be equipped with bypass pipes and bypass valves;      3. There should be a straight pipe section with a length of more than 5 times the pipe diameter at the entrance of the metal pipe float flowmeter, and a 250mm straight pipe section at the outlet;      4. If the medium contains ferromagnetism For substances, a magnetic filter should be installed; if the medium contains solid impurities, a filter should be installed between the valve and the straight pipe section;      5. When used for gas measurement, ensure that the pipeline pressure is not less than 5 times the pressure of the flowmeter Loss, so that the float can work stably;      6. In order to avoid flowmeter deformation caused by the pipeline, the flange of the process pipeline must be coaxial and parallel to the flange of the flowmeter, and the pipeline must be supported to avoid pipeline vibration and reduce the flowmeter For axial load, the control valve in the measuring system should be installed downstream of the flowmeter;      7. When measuring gas, if the gas is directly discharged to the atmosphere at the outlet of the flowmeter, a valve should be installed at the outlet of the meter, otherwise it will be generated at the float Data distortion caused by air pressure drop;      8. When installing a PTFE-lined metal tube float flowmeter, do not overtighten the flange nut arbitrarily asymmetrically to avoid deformation of the PTEF lining;      9. For instruments with LCD display, avoid sunlight as much as possible Direct exposure to the display, so as not to reduce the service life of the LCD; for meters with lithium battery power supply, try to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature environments (≥65°C) to avoid reducing the capacity and life of the lithium battery.
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