Implement 30,000 smart water meter renovation plans every year

by:Sure     2021-08-24
The reporter learned from Yinchuan China Railway Water Group that in order to cooperate with the construction of the west line water supply project in Yinchuan Metropolitan Area, Yinchuan City will gradually carry out the intelligent water meter renovation project from this year, and about 30,000 smart water meters will be settled in residents' homes every year. Yinchuan China Railway Water Group will use the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data analysis platform to collect, process, store and transmit users' water consumption status and water usage information. This will not only solve the problem of meter reading in high-rise residential buildings, but also realize remote meter reading and intelligent valve control. , Real-time monitoring, abnormal situation inspection, alarm and a series of functions. Ordinary users only need to log in to the water meter management system, enter their own meter number, and then query the installation location of their own meter and the daily water consumption. When a water leak occurs in a household, the system will automatically remind the water of an abnormality, which is convenient for the user to find the leak and repair it in time.  As an important technical input for the construction of water-saving cities, at the end of 2017, Yinchuan China Railway Water Group introduced DMA regional measurement management technology, and used the industrial park as a demonstration area to actively promote the development of regional measurement work. DMA partition actually divides the geographic area of u200bu200bYinchuan City into blocks by installing pressure, flow, water quality and other monitoring equipment, and then systematically monitors each independent small block after the division. For example, the installation of pressure equipment will realize the monitoring of the water supply pressure of each block. When the water supply pressure is too low to meet the user's water supply, etc., through the alarm information feedback, the water supply dispatching command center will issue instructions and make corresponding actions. Adjust to ensure water service for residents.   At present, Yinchuan China Railway Water Group has observed the small flow at night, the comparison between the water supply volume and the recovered water volume of the water fee, and found some leaking locations in the pipeline network and timely repairs and maintenance to ensure the safe operation of the water supply pipeline network.
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