Conversion of flow units

by:Sure     2021-08-06
Volume flow conversion table unit liter/min (L/min) m 3 /hour (m 3 /h) feet 3 /hour (f t3 /h) British gallons/min (Ukgal/min) US gallons/min (Usgal/min) ) US barrels/day (bbl/d) liters/min 1 0.06 2.1189 0.21997 0.264188 9.057 m3/h 16.667 1 35.314 3.667 4.403 151 feet volumetric flow conversion table unit liters/min (L/min) m3/h (m3/ h) Feet 3/h (ft3/h) UK gallons/min (Ukgal/min) US gallons/min (Usgal/min) US barrels/day (bbl/d) liters/min 10.062.11890.219970.2641889.057 m3/h 16.667135.3143.6674.403151ft3/h 0.47190.02831710.10380.12474.2746 UK gallons/min 4.5460.027279.632511.2003241.1 US gallons/min 3.7850.22738.02080.8326134.28 US barrels/day 0.11040.006240.233940.024280.029171 mass flow conversion table unit kg/h ( kg/h) kilogram/minute (kg/min) kilogram/second (kg/s) ton/hour (t/h) pounds/hour (lb/h) pounds/second (lb/s) kg/hour 116.7×10 -3278×10-60.0012.205612×10-6 kg/min 60116.7×10-30.06132.336.7×10-36006013.67.9×1032.205 tons/hour 100016.7278×10-312205612×10-3 pounds/hour 0.4547.56×10 -3126×10-60.454×10-31278×10-6 lb/sec 163327.20.4541.6336001
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