Common instrument names in Chinese and English comparison table 2

by:Sure     2021-08-15
Instrument Chinese name Instrument English name English abbreviation 42, Peptide synthesizer DNA 43, Sequencers DNA Sequencers DNA 44, Synthesizer DNA synthesizer 45, Ultraviolet Lamp 46, Molecular Hybridization Oven PCR Amplifier 47, Chemistry Luminometer Chemil instrument Chinese name Instrument English name English abbreviation 42, peptide synthesizer DNA 43, sequencer DNA Sequencers DNA 44, synthesizer DNA synthesizer 45, ultraviolet observation lamp Ultraviolet Lamp 46, molecular hybridization instrument Hybridization Oven PCR instrument PCR Amplifier 47, chemiluminescence instrument Chemiluminescence Apparatus48, Ultraviolet Detector49, Electrophoresis50, ELIASA CO251, CO2 Incubators52, Inverted Microscope53, Bechtop54, Flow Cytometer55, Automatic Microbe Analysis System Automatic Analyzer for Microbes56, Biochemical Analyzer57, Blood-gas Analyzer58, Electrolytic Analyzer59, Urine Analyzer60, Clinical Drug Concentration Analyzer, Hematocyte Counter 62, Atomic Emission Spectrometer    AES63 , ICP Direct Current Plasma Emission Spectrometer DCP64, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer    UV-Vis65, Microwave Inductive Plasma Emission S pectrometer MIP66, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy     AAS67, Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy    AFS68, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer FT-IR Spectrometer      -FT-Raman FT-Raman FTIR69, Fourier Transform FTIR69 Chromatograph        GC71, High Pressure/Performance Liquid Chromatograp
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