Analyzing the working principle of double rotameter

by:Sure     2020-06-16
Rotameter is used to measure single-phase non-pulsating fluid (Liquid or gas) The flow rate is widely used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, medicine, environmental protection, food and measurement testing, scientific research and other departments. Working Principle of rotameter rotameter is a flowmeter that applies the principle of changing the flow area :(Area type) When the fluid in the pipeline encounters a resistance, it will form a pressure difference before and after the obstruction. The size of the pressure difference is related to the flow area and flow rate when the fluid is obstructed. The pressure difference is applied to promote a movable obstruction to move and change the flow area with the change of fluid, make the pressure difference before and after the obstruction stick to a constant, then the position of the obstruction is related to the flow rate, thus obtaining the flow rate and further obtaining the flow rate value. This paper introduces the principle and advantages and disadvantages of rotameter metal tube rotameter rotameter composition and flow measurement principle rotameter, it consists of a graduated conical tube that expands gradually from bottom to top and a rotor that can move up and down freely in the conical tube. When working, the measured fluid enters from the lower end of the conical tube. Move upward along the conical tube, flow through the annulus between the rotor and the conical tube, and then flow out from the upper end of the conical tube. Driven by the moving fluid, the rotor is subjected to the dynamic pressure of a bottom-up fluid on the rotor, which is exactly equal to the gravity of the rotor in the measured fluid ( That is, the gravity of the rotor itself minus the buoyancy of the fluid to the rotor).
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