Analysis of wrong installation of LDG electromagnetic

by:Sure     2020-07-05
When using the LDG type electromagnetic flowmeter, some unexpected situations will occur, and many problems will occur due to installation errors; Common problems of electromagnetic flowmeter: 1. The medium measurement value fluctuates greatly Problem: The measured value is constantly beating and unstable; Analysis: Most of the reason for this situation is because a pump is near the flowmeter, and the medium is in a turbulent state when flowing through the flowmeter, so the value will be unstable and jump. Solution: Install the flowmeter away from the environment with interference factors such as pumps, and ensure the length of the straight pipe section to ensure the stability of the fluid. 2. The value is not allowed Problem: The value is inaccurate. Occasionally, an air control alarm or lower limit alarm will appear. Analysis: It may be that the measuring fluid is not in a full pipe state, and if you want to measure accurately, the fluid must be in a full pipe state. Solution: Ensure that the liquid under test is full. 3. The electromagnetic flowmeter is damaged Problem: The flowmeter was flooded and damaged. Analysis: The protection grade of the flowmeter is not suitable. Solution: Choose the appropriate protection level, otherwise the flowmeter will be damaged.
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