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Working principle diagram of electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Sure     2021-08-21
1. Overview and use Electromagnetic flowmeter is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid and slurry liquid in closed pipelines. It is suitable for petrochemical industry, iron and steel metallurgy, water supply and drainage, water conservancy irrigation, water treatment, total environmental protection sewage control, electricity, papermaking, For food and other industries, the system can be controlled by supporting the computer. 2. Principle 2.1 Principle of electromagnetic flowmeter The measurement principle of electromagnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The measuring tube of the flowmeter is a short non-magnetic alloy tube lined with insulating material. Two electrodes are fixed on the measuring tube through the tube wall along the tube diameter direction. The electrode tip is basically flush with the inner surface of the lining. When the excitation coil is excited by a two-way square wave pulse, a working magnetic field with a magnetic flux density of B will be generated in the direction perpendicular to the axis of the measuring tube. At this time, if a fluid with a certain conductivity flows through the measuring tube, the electromotive force E will be induced by cutting the magnetic field lines. The electromotive force E is proportional to the product of the magnetic flux density B, the inner diameter of the measuring tube d and the average flow velocity V. The electromotive force E (flow signal) is detected by the electrode and sent to the converter through the cable. After the converter amplifies the flow signal, it can display the fluid flow, and can output pulses, analog current and other signals for flow control and adjustment. In Figure 1-1, when the conductive fluid flows through an insulated pipe with an inner diameter of D() equipped with a pair of measuring electrodes at an average flow rate V(), and the pipe is at a uniform magnetic induction intensity of B(T) In the magnetic field. Then, an electromotive force (E) perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field and the flow direction will be induced on a pair of electrodes. The law of electromagnetic induction can be written as (1) formula: 2.2 circuit working principle diagram 3. Focmag3102 intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter structure and composition 1. Shell 2. Lining 3. Excitation coil 4. Converter 5. Grounding screw 6. Electrode four .The characteristics, highlights and advantages of electromagnetic flowmeters produced by Huahai Measurement and Control 1. The meter structure is simple and reliable, without moving parts, and has a long working life; 2. There are no shut-off and flow-blocking parts, and there is no pressure loss and fluid blockage; 3. No mechanical inertia, fast response, good stability, can be applied to automatic detection and adjustment program control system; 4. The measurement accuracy is not affected by the type of measured medium and its temperature, viscosity, pressure and other physical parameters; 5. Sensor and meter Separately designed seals at the head connection can prevent external moisture from entering the meter and sensor from the connection; 6. Both the excitation and electrode wires use high-quality single-core shielded wires, which can reduce interference and improve signal cleanliness, thereby Improve measurement accuracy; 7. The surface paint of the sensor adopts metal fluorocarbon paint. The fluorocarbon bond connected by the fluorocarbon resin molecule in the metal fluorocarbon paint can resist the degradation of ultraviolet rays, showing extremely excellent durability, ultraviolet resistance and weather resistance , Make the metal fluorocarbon paint coating perfect as new for a long time, reducing maintenance requirements; 8. With two-way flow measurement, two-way total accumulation function, there are three internal totalizers that can respectively display the forward cumulative value and the reverse cumulative value And difference integration; 9. Frequency programmable low-frequency ternary wave excitation, which improves the stability of flow measurement and low power loss; 10. Adopts a new 32-bit ARM+CPLD with high integration, fast calculation speed and high calculation accuracy 11. All digital processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement; 12. Ultra-low EMI switching power supply, suitable for a wide range of power supply voltage, high efficiency, low temperature rise, and good EMC performance; 13. Chinese and English menu operation, use Convenient, simple to operate, easy to learn and understand; 14. High-definition wide-temperature OLED display; 15. Use intelligent judgment, no measurement correction settings, the application of empty tube alarm and electrode detection is more convenient; 16. Advanced 'gross error' 'Processing' technology can cut off the spike-shaped interference of fluid measurement such as slurry, reduce output jitter, maintain high-precision measurement and make the output more stable; 17. With self-check and self-diagnosis functions; 18. New keyboard processing method to avoid keyboard operation Influence measurement. You can enter and exit the operation menu, which makes parameter setting more convenient; 19. The use of AD421 current dedicated chip makes the 4-20mA current output more stable. 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