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by:Sure     2020-07-03
Our ultrasonic flowmeter is also one of the main products. In more and more and more complicated working conditions, the use of ultrasonic flowmeter is more and more extensive. It is easy to use, easy to carry, and the advantages of real-time monitoring are recognized by customers. It is often seen in a variety of conditions that can't be broken. Many villages and towns water supply pipelines will often use handheld ultrasonic flowmeters for routine monitoring and use. In February, we provided 588 handheld ultrasonic flowmeters to more than 200 villages in a town in Lanzhou. After that, we resolutely chose us, not only for the recognition of our products, but also for the recognition of our services. Our strict control of product accuracy and quality is only the most basic service for customers. More is the technical support we provide after product sales, and any technical problems in any product at any time can be the first time to solve problems for customers and provide good quality solutions. All our products are 18 months long warranty, and lifetime maintenance, so that customers have no worries! The ultrasonic flowmeter series includes hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter, portable ultrasonic flowmeter, fixed ultrasonic flowmeter, and fixed split ultrasonic flowmeter. The typical application of ultrasonic flowmeters is large-diameter pipelines, where it is not convenient to install pipeline or plug-in structure instruments. Measure pure and impurity-free water. Series ultrasonic flowmeters use low voltage, multi-pulse time difference principle, adopt precision and stable double balanced signal differential transmission, differential reception digital detection technology to measure the sound wave transmission time in the forward and reverse directions, and calculate the flow rate according to the time difference. It has the characteristics of good stability, small zero drift, high measurement accuracy, wide range ratio, and strong anti-interference. When the ultrasonic beam propagates in the liquid, the flow of the liquid will cause a slight change in the propagation. The change in the propagation time is proportional to the flow rate of the liquid. At zero flow, the time required for the two sensors to transmit and receive sound waves is exactly the same ( The technology that can actually measure zero flow); when the medium flows, the sound wave propagation time in the countercurrent direction is greater than the sound wave propagation time in the water flow direction. Product Features of Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter    1. Linearity is better than 0.5%, repeatability accuracy is better than 0.2%, and measurement accuracy is better than 1%;    2. Adsorb the magnetic ultrasonic flowmeter sensor on the outer wall of the pipe to complete the flow measurement;    3. Select different types of sensors to achieve the measurement of the flow of DN15-DN6000 pipeline;    4. Different versions of the flowmeter can support Chinese or English menus, which is convenient and fast;    5. Built-in large-capacity Ni-MH rechargeable battery, which can support the flowmeter to work continuously for more than 20 hours;    6. Real-time screen printing can be realized, and the measurement results of more than 20 items set in advance can also be printed regularly;    7. You can upload up to 20 measurement results set in advance to the computer or the Internet. Product Features of Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter    1. High-precision measurement, accuracy up to ±1%, linearity 0.5%, repeatability 0.2%;    2. Small size Light weight, the volume is only 210×90×30mm, and the weight is only 0.5Kg;    3. Non-contact measurement, the magnetic ultrasonic flowmeter sensor is adsorbed on the outer wall of the pipe to complete the measurement;   4. The measuring range is large, and different types of sensors are used to achieve the flow measurement of the caliber DN15-DN6000mm;    5. Charging power supply, built-in large-capacity nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery, can support the flowmeter to work for more than 12 hours;    6. Print screen display, which can display cumulative flow rate, instantaneous flow rate, flow rate working status, etc. at the same time;    7. The built-in data logger has a space of 24K bytes and can store 2000 lines of data measurement. Product Features of Fixed Ultrasonic Flowmeter    1. 128 data acquisitions in each measurement cycle are supplemented by the newly developed flowmeter time difference analysis software, which has excellent performance, more stable and accurate display data, and better linearity;    2. The measurement linearity is better than 0.5%, the repeatability accuracy is better than 0.2%, and the time difference measurement resolution is up to 40 picoseconds, so that the measurement accuracy reaches ±1%;    3. Isolated RS485 interface, between the flowmeter and the secondary meter can communicate through RS485 bus, the transmission distance is more than kilometers;    4. Equipped with three analog input interfaces with 0.1% accuracy, which can connect temperature, pressure, liquid level and other signals;    5, 4-20 mA analog output can be used as flow/heat transmitter;    6, 2-way 3-wire PT100 resistance signal input can be used as a heat meter;   7, 3 channels 4-20 mA analog input, can be used as a data collector, analog input interface can also be used as a digital input interface;    8. With dual isolated programmable OCT output, used to output accumulated pulses, working status, etc.;    9. The sewage pipeline has good measurement effect, and can conduct stable and reliable measurement of most sewage pipelines;    10. Ultrasonic sensors can be selected from external clamp type, plug-in type, pipe section type, and can also support water meter sensors installed at any angle, including parallel insertion sensors;   11. It has a two-way serial peripheral universal interface, which can directly connect multiple external devices such as 4-20 mA analog output board, frequency signal output board, thermal printer, data recorder, etc. in series;    12. The working parameters of the flowmeter can be solidified into the FLASH memory in the machine, and the problem of parameter loss will not occur. The working parameters of curing can be selected automatically when power on;   13. Modular hardware design. It consists of mainboard module, 4-20 mA output module, pulse output module, printer module, parallel port keyboard display module, serial port keyboard display module, etc., users can choose according to their needs;   14. MODBUS protocol, MBUS protocol, FUJI extended protocol, simple water meter protocol and other different software communication protocols are available for users to choose. The recommended protocol is MODBUS-RTU or MODBUS-ASCII protocol;    15. The accumulated day can be recorded for the first 64 days and the accumulated month for the first 32 months (2 years), and the contents of the year, month and day are added. Year, month and day accumulated data can be read through MODBUS protocol;   16, 16 times power-off time flowmeter record. Data can be read through MODBUS protocol;   17. Timing printing, data output function, automatically display the time of next printout, 22 programmable timing printing content. Timing printing function can realize automatic timing output or automatic recording of data;   18. The pulse width of the OCT1 cumulative pulse output can be set between 6 ms and 1 second. The factory default is 200 milliseconds;   19. Parallel interface with keyboard display, connecting display components can form a simple flowmeter;    20. The serial port keyboard display component can be directly connected to the serial port, and can be plugged in after the parameter setting is completed;    21. With the function of judging the type of fluid based on the sound velocity of the fluid, it can identify the type of fluid;   22. Has a programmable built-in quantitative controller. It can be started by external input signal or MODBUS command;   23. A single 24V DC power supply works, the working current is less than 50 mA. (Under the condition that the display is not connected and the buzzer does not sound). Product Features of Fixed Split Ultrasonic Flowmeter    (1) Ultrasonic non-contact liquid level measurement, does not affect the flow rate at all, accurate liquid level measurement is the ideal liquid level instrument.    (2) The probe has low power consumption, easy installation, and easy positioning. It is widely used in related fields such as rivers, water supply, factories, and urban sewage pipes.    (3) The operation is simple, without the need for signal input calibration. Just set simple parameters to use.    (4) The flow totalizer has a historical flow meter recording function, which can record the flow data of the past 60 hours, 30 days, 12 months, and 10 years, and can record the data in real time through the SD card.    (5) Comprehensive instrument control function, four-way relay signal output, easy to connect common actuators (motor, alarm, etc.).    (6) According to the requirements of working conditions, the probe can be selected with special models such as IP68, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, high-precision type in small dead zone, ultra-low power consumption, and large range.    (7) Chinese display interface, 16-key operation. More easy-to-understand menu options, more quickly realize human-computer communication.    (8) Built-in remote communication module, can customize various communication protocols.
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