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Sichuan province's autumn and winter blue sky

by:Sure     2020-06-24
Recently, the Office of the Heavy Pollution Weather Emergency Headquarters of Sichuan Province has organized and prepared the 'Sichuan Province 2018-2019 Autumn and Winter Blue Sky Defence Tackling Action Plan' (hereinafter referred to as 'tackling plan'). From January to September 2018, Sichuan Province increased its overall planning, accelerated work progress, and promoted the improvement of atmospheric environmental quality, but the results were not stable, especially the poor meteorological conditions in autumn and winter, which was not conducive to the spread of pollutants. Overall deviation from the previous year, air quality may rebound. The introduction of the 'Tough Plan' is conducive to Sichuan Province to do a good job in the prevention and control of air pollution in autumn and winter, and promote the continuous improvement of ambient air quality. According to the requirements of the 'Strengthening Plan', the autumn-winter 2018-2019 should aim to improve the atmospheric environment quality, with the Chengdu Plain, southern Sichuan, and northeastern Sichuan as the key areas to reduce the number of days of continuous pollution, reduce the impact of heavily polluted weather, and promote atmospheric environmental quality Continue to improve and complete the 2018 annual target task of reducing the concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in the province's non-compliance cities by 12% and the excellent days rate of 82.6%. In order to achieve the goal, the plan also clarified the deepening of industrial pollution control, strengthening the management of 'scattered pollution' enterprises, comprehensively carrying out coal remediation, promoting the comprehensive management of VOCs in key areas, strengthening the comprehensive management of 'vehicle and oil road', strengthening dust management, and strictly controlling the city 'Five Shao', the implementation of differentiated peak shift production, strengthen the response to heavy pollution weather and other nine key tasks. In terms of safeguard measures, Sichuan Province will strengthen the organization and leadership. The people’s governments of various cities regard autumn and winter air pollution prevention and control as an important battle to win the blue sky defense battle, strengthen organizational leadership, decompose the goals and tasks, and clarify the division of responsibilities; strengthen supervision and supervision, environment The Department of Conservation will carry out intensified inspections in the autumn and winter blue sky defense battles in early December. It will conduct unannounced inspections, on-site inspections, group inspections, etc. to urge local governments to compact their responsibilities and ensure the effectiveness of tackling actions. Update the list of air pollution sources, build air quality grid monitoring micro-stations, carry out lidar navigation, strengthen basic data support; strengthen publicity and guidance and strict assessment and accountability. Carrying out intensified supervision of the autumn and winter blue sky defense wars in Sichuan Province through the 'Strengthening Plan', and accountability for areas where air pollution control responsibilities are not implemented, work is not in place, pollution problems are prominent, and air quality is deteriorating, which is conducive to promoting autumn and winter in Sichuan Province The improvement of the environmental quality in the season will lay a solid battle to defend the blue sky.
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