Shortcomings of domestic instruments: how to win

by:Sure     2020-06-27
The 21st century is a new era of informatization, and information technology has become a powerful support to promote science and technology and the national economy. As the source and component of the information industry, scientific instruments are the core driving force for improving the level of my country's social and economic development. In recent years, the development of scientific instruments has reflected the comprehensive strength of a country to a certain extent. In this tough battle between domestic instruments and imported instruments, how to make up for the shortcomings and give full play to their strengths is one of the problems that domestic instrument manufacturers need to solve urgently.   Strengthen technological innovation and develop new equipment with independent property rights   Scientific instruments are the result of technological innovation and an important part of the construction of a knowledge innovation system. In recent years, the research and development of domestic instruments has achieved remarkable results. If domestic instruments want to occupy a place in the fierce competition in the international market, in the final analysis, it is still necessary to achieve innovation in product technology.    Insufficient core technology innovation has always been a shortcoming of the development of my country's scientific instrument industry. To this end, on the one hand, domestic scientific instrument manufacturers need to concentrate their superior resources to improve the technical content of the products themselves. On the other hand, they can focus on the development of new instrument products that have not been commercialized at home and abroad but have a large potential market. Multi-level promotion of brand influence.   In recent years, my country's independent research and development products have been increasing. A brand-new atomic emission spectrometer independently developed by our country, microwave plasma spectrometer, is the first in the world; the successful development of micro-electric chromatography system has greatly promoted the development of micro-separation technology; a few days ago, the Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Machinery of the Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully developed A high-performance streak camera, the only high-end scientific measurement and diagnostic instrument in the world that has both ultra-high temporal resolution and high spatial resolution... These products will not only show our national strength, but also provide The development of scientific instruments will lay a certain foundation in the future.   Build a young research team to promote sustainable development   The scientific research team is the main force of scientific instrument research and development. Creating a young scientific research team with high-end knowledge is the prerequisite for achieving technological innovation in my country, and is also one of the necessary conditions for promoting the autonomy of scientific instruments.    After entering the 21st century, the role played by scientific and technological talents is no longer limited to a certain laboratory or scientific research institution. Mass spectrometers, spectrometers, chromatographs, microscopes, particle size analyzers... The scientific research results represented by these instruments, after their birth, have important significance that cannot be ignored for the development of global high technology and the improvement of economic level. Through the support of policies and funds, the gathering, training and training of a group of professional talents in the fields of light collection, electricity, software and analysis and application are the basis for advancing China's scientific instruments to a sustainable development path and also for the comprehensive revitalization of China's instrument industry. Important Guarantee. In recent years, supported by the efforts of scientific researchers and government policies, my country has successfully developed a number of high-end scientific research instruments, setting a good example for the development of the national scientific research cause.   Improve the market competition mechanism to achieve survival of the fittest    At present, the development of my country's scientific instrument industry is showing a negative state such as bloated institutions and serious homogenization. In order to prevent the development of instruments from reaching an impasse, enterprises should combine the development status of scientific instruments, establish a market-oriented production mechanism, give play to product characteristics, and fundamentally improve their competitive advantage.   In order to realize the industrialization and technological leapfrog development of the scientific instrument industry, enterprises need to clarify their own development goals. This shows that in the process of instrument research and development, each institution must have its own development focus, and through the integration of its superior resources, focus on product advantages, and fill the market vacancies through the product's 'strength'. In addition, companies also need to proactively maintain the market's 'survival of the fittest' competitive landscape. Through the inspection and feedback of the market and users, we found deficiencies and promoted the promotion and application of high-end instruments and equipment, especially to support the development of new technologies with independent intellectual property rights.    For any product, the market is the strongest evidence to test whether it meets the development requirements of the times. In the field of scientific instruments, new instruments with huge development potential are bound to have broad market development prospects. Therefore, market-orientation can not only promote the survival of the fittest of the same instrument, but also stimulate the demand in turn, and promote the development of scientific instruments.   Technical shortcomings need to be compensated by enterprises to continue to increase research and development efforts. In addition, timely correction of developing problems is also a necessary condition for the scientific instrument industry to move forward steadily. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the competition between manufacturers of the same type of equipment has gradually become fierce. In the future, we must not only strive for progress through competition, but also   Strengthen the promotion and popularization of new products, and escort the long-term development of domestic instruments from all aspects!
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