Shandong issued the 'Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Smart Agriculture in the Province'

by:Sure     2021-08-25
Recently, the General Office of the Shandong Provincial Government issued the 'Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Smart Agriculture in the Province' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Opinions'). Based on development, guided by data applications, and supported by experiments and demonstrations, by 2022, data interconnection, industrial integration and development, and efficient and convenient services will be realized. According to the 'OpinionsAmong them, the smart agricultural big data application project mainly includes the construction of the smart agricultural big data application project and the formulation of agricultural big data standards. The 'Opinions' pointed out that it is necessary to rely on the provincial government information resource sharing and exchange platform to carry out the construction of smart agricultural big data application projects that integrate data sharing, business collaboration, application integration, intelligent analysis and display, and promote agricultural big data in precision production and quality. Smart applications in the fields of supervision, situation awareness, comprehensive analysis, early warning and forecasting, and decision-making assistance will create a 'smart agricultural brain' in the province. In the field of smart agricultural application engineering, the focus will be on the construction of smart agricultural pilot zones, cloud agricultural technology service systems, smart agricultural application bases, smart agricultural machinery, smart animal husbandry, smart irrigation, and comprehensive service systems for agricultural production. According to the 'OpinionsInnovation. The 'Opinions' require that it be necessary to accelerate the promotion of the 'Internet + integrated agricultural science and technology service' model, optimize the service functions of agricultural science stations, micro-classes, and further improve the cloud agricultural science and technology service system. Management and other advantages to provide advanced production technology services for the leaders of new agricultural business entities and local talents, returning college students, veterans, and new professional farmers. Regarding the cultivation of smart talents, the 'Opinions' proposed that it is necessary to rely on the advantages of scientific research institutions, enterprises and institutions in terms of technology and talents to carry out smart agricultural technology research, break through core technologies, and strengthen the application of scientific and technological achievements. Encourage relevant universities and vocational colleges (including technical schools) to set up smart agriculture courses, and support new business entities to cooperate with scientific research institutions and high-tech enterprises to jointly cultivate professional and compound smart agricultural talents. Utilize training resources such as new vocational farmer training, agricultural product e-commerce training, and farmer mobile phone application skills training to increase the intensity of smart agricultural skills training for new vocational farmers, rural information workers, and grassroots agricultural technicians, and train no less than 100,000 people per year.
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