Schematic diagram of turbine flowmeter

by:Sure     2021-08-23
1. Overview and use Foctur series turbine flowmeter sensors are based on the principle of torque balance and belong to velocity flow meters. Used to measure the volume flow and accumulation of low-viscosity, non-corrosive, clean liquids in closed pipelines. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, organic liquid, inorganic liquid, liquefied gas, urban gas pipeline network, pharmaceutical, food, papermaking and other industries. 2. Working principle The fluid flows through the sensor housing. Because the blades of the impeller have a certain angle with the flow direction, the impulse of the fluid makes the blades have a rotational torque. After overcoming the friction torque and fluid resistance, the blades rotate. After the torque is balanced, the speed is stable. Under the condition of, the speed is proportional to the flow rate. Because the blade is magnetically permeable, it is in the magnetic field of the signal detector (composed of permanent magnets and coils). The rotating blade cuts the lines of magnetic force and periodically changes the magnetic flux of the coil. Electrical pulse signals are induced at both ends of the coil. This signal is amplified and reshaped by an amplifier to form a continuous rectangular pulse wave with a certain amplitude, which can be transmitted to the display instrument remotely to display the instantaneous flow or total volume of the fluid. Within a certain flow range, the pulse frequency f is proportional to the instantaneous flow rate Q of the fluid flowing through the sensor, and the flow equation is: where: f——pulse frequency [Hz] k——meter coefficient of the sensor [1/m3] , Given by the checklist. If using [1/L] as the unit Q——The instantaneous flow rate of the fluid (under working condition) [m3/h] 3600——The conversion factor The meter coefficient of each sensor is filled in the verification certificate by the manufacturer, and the value of k is set in The matching display instrument can display the instantaneous flow and cumulative total. The relationship curve between the coefficient of the flowmeter and the flow rate (or Reynolds number) is shown in Figure 1. It can be seen from the figure that the meter coefficient is divided into two sections, namely the linear section and the non-linear section. The linear section is about two-thirds of its working section, and its characteristics are related to the sensor structure size and fluid viscosity. The characteristics of the non-linear section are greatly affected by bearing friction and fluid viscous resistance. When the flow rate is lower than the lower limit of the sensor flow rate, the meter coefficient changes rapidly with the flow rate. When the flow exceeds the upper limit of the flow, attention should be paid to prevent cavitation. Figure 1 Turbine flowmeter characteristic curve 1. Structural composition (1) Structural features The turbine flowmeter sensor produced by Huahai Measurement and Control is a cemented carbide bearing thrust type, which not only guarantees accuracy and improves wear resistance, but also has a simple, firm and dismantling structure. Easy to install and other features. (2) Structural composition and structure form: Schematic diagram of the sensor structure of Foctur DN15-DN200 1. Sensor housing 2. Leading fluid 3. Rear fluid 4. Impeller 5. Preamplifier 6. Converter Foctur DN4-DN10 Sensor structure schematic Foctur DN15 -DN50 sensor structure diagram 1. Snap spring 2. Sensor housing 3. Leading fluid 4. Impeller 5. Rear fluid pre-amplifier structure and composition 1. Pre-amplifier housing 2. Coil skeleton 3. Coil 4. Pure iron Rod 5. Permanent magnet 3. Advantages and characteristics of turbine flowmeter produced by Huahai Measurement and Control 1. High accuracy, generally up to ±1%R, ±0.5%R, high-precision type up to ±0.2%R; (R means Reading error); 2. Good repeatability, short-term repeatability can reach 0.05% ~ 0.2%, it is precisely because of good repeatability, such as frequent calibration or online calibration can get extremely high accuracy, it is preferred in trade settlement Flowmeter; 3. On-site display, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow; 4. Output pulse frequency signal, 4-20mA, 485 communication; 5. Obtain very high frequency signal with strong signal resolution; 6. Wide range ratio , Medium and large diameters can reach 1:20, and small diameters are 1:10; 7. Compact and lightweight structure, easy to install and maintain, and large flow capacity; 8. Suitable for high pressure measurement, no holes on the sensor body, easy to make high pressure type Instrument; 9. There are many types of special sensors, which can be designed as various special sensors according to the special needs of users, such as low temperature type, two-way type, downhole type, special type for sand mixing, etc. 10. It can be made into a plug-in type, suitable for large-caliber measurement, with low pressure loss, low price, continuous flow and removal, and easy installation and maintenance. 11. Humanized menu and interface based on dot matrix display, with bright backlight, supporting Chinese and English two languages, suitable for various customer groups; 12. Support temperature and pressure measurement, convenient for the needs of gas medium temperature and pressure compensation; 13 , Support flow rate conversion display function, convenient to see the current flow rate on site; 14. Support split-screen display function, which allows the screen to zoom in and display single or two parameters (temperature, pressure, working conditions, flow rate and flow rate in standard conditions, etc.); , Simulation output function, support 4-20mA current simulation, frequency output simulation, convenient on-site non-real current debugging; 16. Support 4-20mA output, pulse (equivalent) output, alarm output, RS485 communication output. For more product details, please click on the above product picture or click on the right side for online customer service consultation Huahai Measurement u0026 Control official website: Service Hotline: 400-828-5048
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