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Electromagnetic flowmeter parameter setting

by:Sure     2020-07-04
After the electromagnetic flowmeter converter and sensor are connected to the fluid pipeline (whether it is calibrated or used), the following work should be performed first: The grounding wires of the converter and sensor are well connected and tightly connected with the copper pipes at both ends. The sensor is well grounded and reliable. When the zero point of the instrument is calibrated, the fluid in the pipeline must be still. The sensor electrode oxide film has stabilized (the electrode has been in continuous contact with the fluid for at least 48 hours). Before the test starts, the pipeline needs to be filled with liquid and the preheating time of the converter and sensor is greater than 20mS. Key functions and parameter settings After the electromagnetic flowmeter converter is powered on, the meter automatically enters the normal measurement state. In this state, the instrument automatically completes each measurement function and displays the corresponding measurement data and outputs the corresponding signal. The user can enter the parameter setting state by buttons to set the parameters. Under the parameter setting state, the normal measurement function of the instrument is generally not affected. In the parameter setting state, if there is no operation for more than a certain time, the meter will automatically return to the normal display state. The electromagnetic flowmeter converter has four buttons. From the front, the left to the right are: ←Left button, ↑Up button, ↓Down button, →Right button. Key function in measurement state: Left button: Cycle through the display contents on the screen: instantaneous flow rate, empty tube, excitation, upper limit, lower limit status; Up key: cyclically select the display content in the middle of the screen: instantaneous flow rate, percentage flow rate and signal strength; Down key: Cycle through the cumulative flow display content: total cumulative flow (∑), positive cumulative flow (∑﹢) and negative cumulative flow (∑﹣); Right key: Enter the parameter setting state from the measurement state. Key function in parameter setting state: Left button: Exit the parameter setting state, or return to the previous menu, or exit the input setting, or cancel the setting; Up key: the previous menu, or add 1 to the number at the cursor, or select the previous selection; Down key: the next menu, or the number at the cursor minus 1, or select the next choice; Right button: Enter the submenu, or move the cursor, or confirm the setting.
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