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Common value of flow velocity in pipeline/(m/s)

by:Sure     2021-08-23
The usual value of flow velocity in the pipeline/(m/s) Type of fluid application occasions Type of pipeline Average flow velocity Remarks Water general water supply main pressure pipeline 2~3 Low pressure pipeline 0.5~1 Pump inlet 0.5~2.0 Pump outlet 1.0~3.0 Industrial water centrifugal pump pressure pipe 3~4 Centrifugal pump suction pipe DN250 1~2 DN250 1.5~2.5 Reciprocating pump pressure pipe 1.5~2 Reciprocating pump suction pipe 1 Common value of flow velocity in water supply pipeline/(m/s) Fluid type application occasions Pipe type average flow velocity Note water is general Feedwater main pressure pipeline 2~3 low pressure pipeline 0.5~1 pump inlet 0.5~2.0 pump outlet 1.0~3.0 industrial water centrifugal pump pressure pipe 3~4 centrifugal pump suction pipe DN2501~2 DN250 1.5~2.5 reciprocating pump pressure pipe 1.5~2 reciprocating Pump suction pipe<1 Water supply main 1.5~3 Drain pipe 0.5~1.0 Cooling cold water pipe 1.5~2.5 Hot water pipe 1~1.5 Condensation pump absorption pipe 0.5~1 Condensate pump outlet pipe 1~2 Self-flowing condensate pipe 0.1~0.3 General liquid Low viscosity 1.5~3.0 high viscosity liquid viscosity 50mt;'>·sDN250.5~0.9DN500.7~1.0DN1001.0~1.6 viscosity 100 mt;'>·sDN250.3~0.6DN500.5~0.7DN1000.7~ 1.0DN2001.2~1.6 Viscosity 1000 mt;'>·sDN250.1~0.2DN500.16~0.25DN1000.25~0.35DN2000.35~0.55 Gas low pressure 10~20 High pressure 8~1520~30MPa Exhaust flue 2~ 7 Compressed air compressor compressor intake pipe ~ 10 compressor air delivery pipe ~ 20 General case DN<50<8DN>70<15 Saturated steam boiler, steam turbine DN<10015~30DNu003d100~20025~35DN>20030~40 Superheated steam Boiler, steam turbine DN<10020~40DNu003d100~20030~50DN>20040~60
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