Characteristics of compressed air flowmeter

by:Sure     2020-07-01
  Compressed air is an important secondary energy required by many enterprises and institutions, and is generally converted from thermal power through an air compressor. When the air pressure value is very low, it can be generated by the operation of the blower.    In many industrial productions and chemical production processes, there is an important process oxidation reaction, which uses air as a raw material, and another certain raw material to carry out a chemical reaction under specified conditions. If the air mass flow rate is too large or too small, it will have a key impact on safe production, product quality and the consumption of valuable raw materials. In this case, the accuracy of air flow measurement is particularly high, and most of them are equipped with automatic adjustment. The combustion process in boilers and various industrial furnaces is also essentially an oxidation reaction. Although the measurement of combustion air flow rate is not as accurate as the oxidation reaction in chemical production, it is environmentally friendly, economical, and fuel-efficient. It is also important.   Many compressed air flowmeters work according to the Carmen vortex theory, and can be used to measure the flow of gas, steam, and compressor air. The compressed air flow meter produced by Dalian Youke Instrument Co., Ltd. has a variety of models to choose from, with a wider range of use and more suitable working conditions! Remote transmission type, on-site display type, temperature and pressure automatic compensation type. Widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, environmental protection, municipal administration, electric power and other departments. The characteristics of the compressed air flowmeter produced by Sure Instruments are as follows: 1. No moving parts, no wear, simple structure and long-term stability. 2. The use of micro-power high-tech, battery-powered on-site display flowmeter can be continuously operated for more than two years. 3. Integrated design of temperature and pressure compensation. 4. The current output is electrically isolated and has a good ability to suppress common mode interference. 5. At the same time display the flow value and cumulative flow value, temperature, pressure value, no need to switch in turn.
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