Analysis on the requirements and installation conditions of the process tube when the electromagnetic flowmeter is installed

by:Sure     2021-07-31
1. Electromagnetic flowmeter installation requirements 1.1 General requirements a. In order to facilitate the installation, maintenance and maintenance of the electromagnetic flowmeter, sufficient space must be reserved around the flowmeter. b. Avoid the electromagnetic flowmeter being installed where the temperature changes greatly or is subject to high-temperature radiation from the equipment C. The flowmeter should be installed indoors. If it is installed outdoors, avoid direct sunlight. If necessary, install sun protection devices. d. Avoid installing the flowmeter in an environment containing corrosive gases. Locations with vibration sources and strong magnetic fields 1.2 Process tube requirements a. The inner diameter of the upstream and downstream process tubes and the inner diameter of the flow meter should meet: 0.98DN≤D≤1.05DN (DN: flowmeter inner diameter; D: process tube inner diameter) b. The process pipe and the flow meter need to be concentric, and the coaxial deviation should not be greater than 0.05DN1.3. Pump Figure 1.3 Installation after the pump 1.4 Control valve Figure 1.4 Installation before the control valve 1.5 Flange deviation Figure 1.5 Flange connection deviation 1.6 Curved pipe Figure 1.6 Bend Installation on the pipeline 1.6 Installation on curved pipelines 1.7 Open discharge diagram 1.7 Flowmeter installation before open discharge 1.8 Exhaust and vacuum pressure diagram 1.8 Exhaust diagram 1.8 Vacuum 1.9 Installation position Picture 1.9 Installation position 2. Installation conditions 2.1 Use of straight pipe section The straight pipe section can prevent the medium from generating eddy currents or distortion due to the influence of the elbow, TT type three-way, stop valve, and reducing pipe 2.1.1, horizontal straight pipe figure, elbow figure, Reduced diameter pipe figure, expanded diameter pipe figure, shut-off valve downstream figure, pump downstream figure T-shaped three-way, mixed flow figure 2.1.7 more For more product details, please click the official website of Huahai Measurement and Control: Service Hotline: 400-828-5048
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