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What are the standard throttling devices

by:Sure     2021-08-21
Standard throttling devices include standard orifice flow meters, nozzle flow meters and venturi tubes. Commonly used throttling devices include V-cone flow meters, wedge flow meters, balanced flow meters, and Di-type constant velocity tubes. Orifice plate throttling devices include orifice flow meters, integrated orifice flow meters, and integrated multi-hole balance flow meters. The structure of the orifice plate flowmeter is easy to replicate, simple and firm, stable and reliable in performance, low in price, and long in service life. The standard orifice plate is calculated and processed by international standards. It does not require real flow calibration. Single-phase flow (liquid, gas, and steam) is all Measurable, using intelligent differential pressure transmitter, high accuracy, range can be self-programmed, intelligent integrated orifice flowmeter can display cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, pressure, temperature at the same time, equipped with HART communication interface, high stability. For more details, please click-Orifice Flowmeter. The structure of the integrated orifice flowmeter is easy to replicate, simple and firm, stable and reliable, and has a long service life; it adopts an intelligent differential pressure transmitter with high accuracy and self-programming range. For more details, please click-Integrated Orifice Flowmeter. The sensor of the porous balanced flowmeter has the characteristics of porous symmetrical structure, which can balance and rectify the flow field, reduce eddy current, vibration and signal noise, greatly improve the stability of the flow field, and increase the linearity by 5-10 times compared with the traditional throttling device. . For more details, please click—Porous Balanced Flowmeter. Nozzle flow meter nozzle measurement is based on the throttling principle of fluid mechanics. When the fluid filled with the pipe flows through the nozzle in the pipe, the stream will form a local contraction at the nozzle, which will increase the flow rate and reduce the static pressure. So there is a pressure drop or pressure difference before and after the nozzle. The greater the flow rate of the medium flowing, the greater the pressure difference generated before and after the nozzle. According to the relationship that the square root of the pressure difference is proportional to the flow rate, a differential pressure meter is used to measure the pressure difference to determine the fluid flow rate. The pressure loss of the nozzle flowmeter is small, so it saves energy, is more sturdy and durable, suitable for high temperature and high pressure fluid, and is widely used in steam flow measurement in the electric power, chemical industry and other industries. For more details, please click-nozzle flowmeter. Di-type uniform velocity tube, with high measurement accuracy and good stability, accuracy can reach 1.5%, stability can reach ±O.2%, and long-term stability, wide range ratio width of 10:1, wide applicability and can be used in liquids , Gas and steam flow rate measurement of various media. For more details, please click—Di-type uniform velocity tube Huahai Measurement and Control official website: www.ehuahai.com Service Hotline: 400-828-5048
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