What are the requirements when installing a mass flowmeter

by:Sure     2020-06-27
1. The mass flowmeter should be installed on the pipeline where the measured medium is completely filled. 2. The mass flow meter should be installed on the horizontal pipe; when installed on the vertical pipe, the fluid should flow from the bottom to the top, and the outlet should have a proper straight pipe length. 3. When used to measure volatile liquids (such as light hydrocarbons, liquefied gas, etc.), the pressure at the outlet of the flowmeter should be higher than the saturated vapor pressure of the liquid; the flowmeter should not be installed on the pump inlet pipe; when installed on a vertical pipe When going up, it should be installed in the lower part of the pipeline. 4. The installation of Ω tube type mass flowmeter on the horizontal pipeline shall meet the following requirements: a) When measuring gas, the Q-tube should be placed above the pipeline; b) When measuring liquids, type 0 pipes should be placed under the pipes. 5. When installing a straight pipe mass flowmeter on a horizontal pipe, the influence of the medium temperature on the transmitter should be fully considered. The ambient temperature at the transmitter should not be higher than 60°C. 6. Mass flowmeters with a diameter greater than or equal to 80 mm should be supported. 7. When the measured liquid may contain gas, a degasser should be added. 8. The mass flowmeter should be equipped with front and rear shut-off valves and bypass valves.
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