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What are the advantages of series resonant power supply in power system applications?

by:Sure     2021-08-14
1. The advantages of series resonant power supply in power system applications: 1. The required power supply capacity is greatly reduced by one. The advantages of series resonant power supply in power system applications: 1. The required power supply capacity is greatly reduced. The series resonant power supply uses the resonance of the resonant reactor and the capacitor of the tested product to generate high voltage and large current. In the entire system, the power supply only needs to provide the part of the active power consumption in the system. Therefore, the power required for the test is only the test capacity. 1/Q. 2. The weight and volume of the equipment are greatly reduced. In the series resonant power supply, not only cumbersome high-power voltage regulators and ordinary high-power power frequency test transformers are omitted, and the resonant excitation power supply only needs 1/Q of the test capacity, which greatly reduces the weight and volume of the system, generally 1/5-1/10 of the ordinary test device. 3. Improve the waveform of the output voltage. The resonant power supply is a resonant filter circuit, which can improve the waveform distortion of the output voltage, obtain a good sine waveform, and effectively prevent the false breakdown of the test product by the harmonic peak. 4. Prevent large short-circuit current from burning the fault point. In the series resonance state, when the insulation weakness of the test product is broken down, the circuit is immediately detuned, and the loop current quickly drops to 1/Q of the normal test current. When the parallel resonance or test transformer is used for the withstand voltage test, the breakdown current immediately rises by several tens of times. Compared with the two, the short-circuit current and the breakdown current are hundreds of times different. Therefore, series resonance can effectively find the insulation weakness, and there is no worry of large short-circuit current burns the fault point. 5. There will be no recovery overvoltage. When the test product breaks down, due to the loss of resonance conditions, the high voltage disappears immediately, the arc is immediately extinguished, and the reestablishment process of the recovery voltage is very long, and it is easy to disconnect the power before reaching the flashover voltage again. This voltage recovery The process is an intermittent oscillating process of energy accumulation, the process is long, and there will be no recovery overvoltage. 2. Description of the main features of the product: 1. Frequency modulation and power components use the most advanced high-quality components imported from Japan; 2. Make full use of the company’s existing resources to develop, design and produce all components of the equipment: variable frequency power supply, Excitation transformer, high-voltage reactor, capacitance compensator and high-precision capacitance divider; 3. With automatic (automatic tuning, automatic boost), full manual (manual tuning, manual boost) and semi-automatic (automatic tuning, manual boost) Various functions such as pressure, manual tuning, and automatic boost) can be switched and used at will; 4. With the setting of test voltage, pressure time, alarm current setting, alarm voltage setting, frequency range, and starting voltage; 5. With discharge Protection function, when the test product flashover occurs, or the resonant circuit is suddenly detuned due to other reasons, the variable frequency control power supply will immediately cut off the output automatically and quickly, and display the protection type and flashover voltage value; 6. Measure and display the output voltage and output frequency And pressurization time, protection action type and other related information, the voltage will automatically drop to zero when the test is completed; 7. Large LCD full Chinese interface platform technology, full touch screen operation, data storage. 8. Summary of technical features: 8.1. Advanced Digital and power technology: The power device adopts the latest foreign intelligent power module (IPM) that integrates driving, protection and power conversion, which greatly improves the reliability of the whole machine and reduces the volume and weight. 8.2. Complete protection function: overvoltage protection: the protection value can be set, the action time is less than 1 millisecond; dual overcurrent and overheat protection: the high-power device self-protection and software protection are combined, and the action time is less than 10 microseconds; flashover protection: The action time is less than 1 millisecond, and the flashover voltage value can be recorded; zero protection: zero voltage start. 8.3. Four unique working modes: manual test: manually find the resonance point and manually increase the voltage to the required voltage, and automatically time after pressing the key; automatic test: automatically search for the resonance point according to the setting and automatically increase to the set voltage and then automatically time; Auto-tuning and manual boost: After automatically finding the resonance point according to the setting, you need to manually increase the voltage to the required voltage value, and press the 'automatic timing' button to automatically time; manual tuning and automatic boost: manually find the resonance point, and automatically increase Automatic timing after pressing. 8.4. Friendly man-machine interface: dedicated DSP display platform, large-capacity data memory, large-screen LCD display; rich help application information, to help you analyze the problems that may occur when the protection action occurs in the test; 200 tests can be saved Data; display frequency-voltage waveform curve during frequency modulation, intuitively observe whether the resonance point is found; the sweep frequency range can be set arbitrarily within the specified range, and the sweep direction can be arbitrarily selected up and down, which is convenient for users to operate; For the samples that need to be tested under 50Hz conditions (such as generators), we use frequency modulation technology, our reactor inductance can be adjusted appropriately according to the needs of the test, and the compression device can ensure that the noise of the reactor is reduced when the power is turned on. 8.5. Unique structural design: the access and output of the FM power control box adopt two ways of plug connection and screw connection, which are safe, convenient, reliable, beautiful and exquisite; the reactor adopts a unique epoxy casting process, which is moisture-proof and anti-vibration ; The overall color and appearance are specially designed by a professional design company, which is beautiful and generous.
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