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Sure highly recommend gas flow meter factory for sale

Sure highly recommend gas flow meter factory for sale

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Enterprise Strength
  • Sure adheres to the service concept to be sincere, devoted, considerate and reliable. We are dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and quality services to meet the different needs of customers. We look forward to building win-win partnerships.
Company Advantages
1. Sure gas flow meter is manufactured/processed under standardization production system.
2. This product is highly resistant to bacteria. Its moisture-wicking materials are able to effectively help prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes in the feet.
3. This product is built to bear a large amount of pressure. Its reasonable structure design allows it to withstand a certain pressure without damage.
4. The product is rather economical and is now widely used by people from various fields.
5. The product is in sync with the changing needs of its customers and has a wide range of market applications.

Company Features
1. For years of development, Sure Instrument has been one of the most famous manufacturers of gas flow meter. We are widely renowned in the industry.
2. We have established strong and longstanding relationships with our customers. We put ourselves in their shoes to gain their valuable trust and ensure they get a product that's the perfect match for their application.
3. We will continue to provide service with the tenet of mass flow meter for gas . Please contact. Sure Instrument assures that proficiency is important, but more important is quality. Please contact. Upholding the working spirit of turbine gas flow meter , Sure provides the most convenient natural gas flow meter . Please contact.

 Digital intelligent gas turbine biogas flow meter price

/ Product Description /

LWQ gas turbine flowmeter is a kind of velocity flowmeter which can accurately measure gas flow rate. It has the advantages of simple and lightweight structure, high measurement accuracy, good repeatability, wide measurement range and convenient installation and maintenance. It is widely used in the measurement of various gases such as natural gas, city gas, propane, butane, air and nitrogen in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, scientific research and other departments and industrial fields. Due to its high accuracy and good repeatability, it is suitable for trade measurement and industrial process detection.


Main features of the product

high precision, good repeatability, small pressure loss and good seismic performance;

Adopt high-quality bearings, with small friction resistance, good sealing performance and long life;

integrating microprocessor, flow sensor, high-precision temperature and pressure sensor, directly measuring the flow, temperature and pressure of the gas to be measured, and automatically performing flow tracking compensation and compression factor correction calculation;

The instrument has pulse signal and analog signal output, and can directly realize centralized collection and real-time management of computer data through RS485 communication interface or GPRS system.

The power consumption is low and can be supplied by internal battery or external power supply.

It has the function of real-time data storage, which can prevent data loss during battery replacement or sudden power failure, and internal data can be stored permanently in the power failure state.

It can be used with IC card prepayment system to facilitate trade settlement;

The explosion-proof marks of explosion-proof products are EXIBIT 4 and EXIBIT 6

/ Product Details /

Technical performance


Implementation of Standards

GB / T 18940 - 2003 " Turbine Flowmeter for Measuring Gas Flow in Closed Pipelines"


Accuracy Level

Level 1.0: qmax - 0.2 max 1.0 % 0.2 qmax - min2.0 %
Level 1.5: qmax - 0.2 max 1.5 % 0.2 qmax - min 3.0 %
If the products are not specifically indicated, they will be shipped with a precision of 1.5, and the rest will be customized with special instructions when ordering.


Conditions of Use

standard state conditions: P = 101.325 kpa T = 293.15 k
Conditions of use:
A. ambient temperature: - 25 ~ + 80 ℃

b. medium temperature: - 20 ~ + 60 ℃

C. relative humidity: 5 - 95 % d atmospheric pressure: 86 kpa - 106 kpa

Electrical Performance Index

working power supply

A. internal instrument power supply: a 3.6 VDC lithium battery, which can work normally under the battery voltage is 3.1 ~ 3.6v;
B. internal GPRS power supply: 1 6.6 VDC lithium battery, which can work normally under the battery voltage is 5.0 ~ 6.6v;
C. external power supply: + 24 VDC 15 %, ripple ≤ 5 %, suitable for 4 ~ 20mA output, pulse output, RS - 485, etc.
D. external power supply ( solar ) GPRS power supply: + 5v DC + 7 VDC.

overall power consumption: external power supply, < 1w

A.Internal instrument power supply, average power consumption ≤ 1MW, can work continuously for more than 5 years.
B.Internal GPRS power supply: according to the average number of daily communications ( 2 - 12 times ), it can work continuously for one to five years.

Pulse Output Mode

Pulse signal of base meter: ( used for calibration of instrument ):
The original pulse signal of the base meter detected by the flow sensor is directly output through an amplifier with a high level of 20V or higher and a low level of 20V or higher≤1V.

Current Output: 4 ~ 20mA Standard Analog Current Output Function

RS485 communication

/ Product Application /

Intelligent precingvortex flowmeter can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, urban gas supply and other industries to measure the flow of various gases, is currently the oilfield and urban natural gas transmission and distribution measurement and trade measurement of the preferred product.

/ Related Products /

/ About us /

Tianjin kailong Instrument Technology Co. Ltd. is a company that integrates processing, production, sales and technical services. Its main products are speed flow meters and volumetric flow meters. Now it has the ability to design, develop, detect and manufacture products. It is a comprehensive and diversified enterprise. We will adhere to the spirit of development, strict and demanding, striving for the best, and set customer satisfaction as our eternal goal. The company strives to create the best performance! more >>

/ Packaging & delivery /




Q:Is the quality of your products reliable?
A:As for the quality of the product, you can rest assured that our company has been producing this product for nearly ten years.
Q: Can I visit your factory?
A: You’d be warmly welcomed.
Q: Do you have any certificate? Can you provide certificate base on my request?
A: We have ISO and CE certificate. If you need other certificates, we can apply.
Q: What is the warranty for your product?
A:  Lifetime maintenance.
Q: How long it will take you to quote for my enquiries?
A: We’ll try to be as fast as we can, normally within 2 hours. Your specific requests about the products will speed us up. 




Q:What’s the accuracy of Vortex flow meter
A:Liquid is ±1%;gas、steam is±1.5%
Q:Why we choose vortex flow meter?
A:With simple and firmly structure ,no removable parts ,high reliability ,it is stable to applicate for a long term .
Q:What’s your different with others?
A:Low Pressure loss and low operating costs;Installation is simple, easy to maintenant

The special composition of gas flow meter makes it obtain good performance of mass flow meter for gas. It has been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Africa
natural gas flow meter is made of turbine gas flow meter and has the advantages such as turbine gas flow meter. Treated by die-casting, Its structure is robust and firm
The series of gas flow meter are mass flow meter for gas, will bring the best result of mass flow meter for gas for you. The product is certified under CE, ROHS, FCC, EMC, and LVD
We update turbine gas flow meter with modern technology frequently, making it turbine gas flow meter. This product is a green alternative to traditional lighting using no power from the gird
The body of gas flow meter is made by advanced natural gas flow meter, which is natural gas flow meter. Its quality LED chips enable it to emit full brightness for a large area
The product helps attract attention for the shelf, instill confidence among buyers, identify the item or brand, and differentiate it from the competition. Its anti-oxidation body guarantees its durability
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