Several requirements for vacuum pumps

by:Sure     2021-08-06
1. The vacuum pump should be installed in a place where the ground is strong and firm, and there should be sufficient room around it to facilitate inspection, maintenance and maintenance. 2. Keep the foundation level under the base of the vacuum pump. The four corners of the base should be installed with shock-absorbing rubber or bolted to ensure smooth operation and vibration of the vacuum pump. 1. The vacuum pump should be installed on a firm ground with sufficient space around. , Easy to check, maintain and maintain.  2. The foundation should be kept level under the base of the vacuum pump. It is recommended to pad the four corners of the base with shock-absorbing rubber or cast and install with bolts to ensure smooth operation of the vacuum pump and low vibration. 3. The connecting pipeline between the vacuum pump and the system should be sealed and reliable. For small vacuum pumps, metal pipelines can be used to connect the gasket and oil-resistant rubber. For small vacuum pumps, vacuum hoses can be used for connection. The diameter of the pipeline should not be less than the suction diameter of the vacuum pump, and the pipeline is required. Short and few elbows. (Welding slag in the pipeline should be removed when welding the pipeline, and it is strictly forbidden to enter the vacuum pump cavity.)    4. In the connecting pipeline, the user can install a valve and a vacuum gauge above the air inlet of the vacuum pump to check the ultimate pressure of the vacuum pump at any time.  5. Connect the power supply according to the motor's label, and install the grounding wire and the appropriate specifications of fuses and thermal relays.  6. u200bu200bWhen the vacuum pump is energized for trial operation, the motor belt must be removed and the vacuum pump must be put into use after confirming that the rotation direction of the vacuum pump is in accordance with the specified direction to prevent the vacuum pump from reversing the fuel injection. (Turn to the direction indicated by the protective cover)    7. For the vacuum pump with cooling water, connect the cooling water according to the regulations.   8. When a solenoid valve is installed at the vacuum pump port, the valve and the vacuum pump should act at the same time.   9. When the exhaust gas from the vacuum pump affects the working environment, a pipe can be installed at the exhaust port to lead away or an oil mist filter can be installed.
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