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Install 'brains' for water and gas meters, Jiangsu Mobile Internet of Things meter reading is recognized

by:Sure     2021-08-25
At the recommendation meeting of Jiangsu Mobile NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) smart meter reading, the smart meter reading of 'Meter reading does not enter the home and more sophisticated management' was unanimously affirmed by the participants. Relying on Jiangsu Mobile Internet of Things technology, the traditional Problems such as time-consuming and laborious manual meter reading, large data collection errors, and long reading period are solved. The accuracy rate of NB-IoT smart meter reading can reach up to 100%. Based on China Mobile’s self-developed modules, NB-IoT private network, and OneNET platform that provides scenario-based solutions, Jiangsu Mobile’s narrowband IoT smart meter reading (hereinafter referred to as IoT reader) Table) It can provide users and water/gas companies with a 'cloud pipe end' integrated solution. At the meeting, as important partners of Jiangsu Mobile, representatives of Wuxi Water Supply Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Ganghua Gas Co., Ltd. spoke highly of Jiangsu Mobile's IoT meter reading. Prior to this, 'difficult management and high cost' have always been a problem that plagued water workers. 'In order to solve these difficulties, we have tried many methods, but the results are not satisfactory.' According to Qian Xiaoming, general manager of Wuxi Water Supply Co., Ltd., the Internet of Things meter reading plays an active role in solving these problems. By analyzing data such as water supply volume, water sales volume, production energy consumption and other data uploaded by the water meter equipment, the water staff can adjust the pipeline water supply in time to realize scientific decision-making. Especially its remote meter reading function greatly reduces the manpower input of the water company. In addition, the Internet of Things meter reading can also monitor users' abnormal water consumption, detect water leakage problems in time, and remind users through SMS point-to-point to reduce losses. In the view of Nanjing Ganghua Gas's meter reading staff, the network signal is stable, real-time monitoring, step-by-step gas price adjustment is convenient, and the data is timely and accurate. These are all benefits brought by Jiangsu Mobile's Internet of Things meter reading. 'Now our daily meter reading rate has reached more than 99.2%, and the weekly meter reading rate has reached 100%. The smart gas meter can also automatically alarm, reducing the loss of gas volume caused by metering equipment failure or man-made reasons.' Tao Chunhui, deputy general manager of Nanjing Ganghua Gas Co., Ltd., introduced at the meeting. At present, the province has piloted the construction of 3,000 narrowband Internet of Things gas meters and water meters to help enterprises achieve scientific supply and improve management efficiency. Jiangsu Mobile's narrowband Internet of Things application covers the entire province in the meter reading industry. Jiangsu Mobile has reached in-depth cooperation with water/gas companies in 13 cities in the province to form a large-scale application of Internet of Things meter reading. In addition, Jiangsu Mobile has formed 12 reproducible mature solutions for narrowband IoT in the fields of smart parking, smart street lights, and smart animal husbandry. There are also 35 narrowband IoT application solutions that are incubating, covering cold chain logistics, track monitoring, intelligent sanitation, Internet of Vehicles and other fields. Rich applications require strong network support. In this regard, Jiangsu Mobile started to build the narrowband Internet of Things as early as the end of 2016. Up to now, it has invested a total of 2 billion yuan and opened 13,000 hotspot regional sites, covering all cities in the province.
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