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Electromagnetic flowmeter wiring terminal description

by:Sure     2021-08-07
1. Wiring guide 1.1 Tips a. The wiring of the electromagnetic flowmeter converter must be completed by professional and technical personnel; b. All wiring should be performed after cutting off the power supply; correctly and firmly connect according to the electromagnetic flowmeter manual; c. Tighten the outlet sleeve Tighten the nut and the end cover to keep the converter well sealed; d. Surge suppression devices should be installed on the lines that may be subject to lightning surges; e. All wiring should be checked again before power supply is correct. 2.2 Wiring terminal and marking diagram of integrated converter 2.1 Wiring terminal of circular integrated converter Figure 2.3 Wiring terminal and marking of split converter see Figure 2.3 Wiring terminal of square split converter Figure 2.4 Wiring important instructions about active Important note for passive 4-20mA! ! ! The electromagnetic flowmeter is a 4-wire instrument which is different from the 4-20mA of the two-wire instrument. The two-wire 4-20mA instrument needs to measure the ammeter and need an external 24V power supply to work normally, while the electromagnetic flowmeter itself is a 4-wire 4-wire instrument. There is already a 24V power supply inside the 20mA, no need to connect to a simple ammeter. No special customization instructions. The electromagnetic flowmeters produced by our company are all active 4-20mA without external 24V power supply, otherwise the meter will be burnt out. (1) One-piece electromagnetic flowmeter with active 4-20mA output wiring. One-piece electromagnetic flowmeter is active by default. 4-20mA user equipment. The ammeter cannot have power output. (2) One-piece electromagnetic flowmeter with passive 4-20mA output wiring. One-piece electromagnetic flowmeter. The passive 4-20mA flowmeter needs to be stated when ordering, otherwise it is an active 4-20mA output (3) Split electromagnetic flowmeter active 4-20mA output wiring Split electromagnetic flowmeter does not require special customization and supports both active and passive 4-20mA (4) Split electromagnetic flowmeter passive 4-20mA output wiring The split electromagnetic flowmeter does not require special customization, and supports both active and passive 4-20mA (5) How does the user equipment determine whether an active current output is required or not? Source current output? a. Disconnect the 4-20mA connection line between the electromagnetic flowmeter and the user equipment to ensure that the user equipment is in an open circuit state. b. Use the digital multimeter voltage file to measure whether the user equipment 4-20mA connection line has a voltage of about 24V. c. If there is a voltage of about 24V, a passive current output is required, otherwise, an active current output is required. For more product details, please click on the official website of Huahai Measurement and Control: www.ehuahai.com Service Hotline: 400-828-5048
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