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Characteristics of plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Sure     2020-07-03
1. Plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter, simple installation, continuous flow, pressure openings on site, absolute installation advantages and price advantages. 2. Suitable for water, sewage, acid, strong alkali and other conductive liquid flow monitoring, the change of conductivity does not affect the change of performance. Especially suitable for the flow measurement of drainage pipes. 3. The flowmeter has no mechanical moving parts, the converter adopts optimized design, compact structure, easy to install, the converter and sensor are interchangeable, and the measurement range can be freely changed (0.5m/s~10m/s). 4. The flow rate detection is only related to the depth of insertion, so the flowmeter has wide versatility and strong interchangeability. One model can be applied to the fluid measurement requirements of various specifications of pipelines. Can be connected with any standard secondary instrument. (A) 4~20mA (B) Pulse output can be set (C) RS485 interface, HART communication protocol, MODBUS protocol. 5. Automatic range switching function. When the flowmeter changes within the flow range, the range can be automatically switched to ensure accurate measurement within the full range. 6. Positive and negative flowmeter function. The user can choose the forward flowmeter or the reverse flowmeter (the forward flow is factory). 7. Upper and lower limit alarm. The user can set the upper and lower limit instantaneous flow according to the needs. When the flow exceeds the upper or lower limit setting value, the buzzer alarms or there is a relay output (user selectable) 8. ATC alarm. In the working state, when the flow level measurement tube is empty, the instantaneous flow is zero, and an alarm is displayed in the upper right corner. 9. Power-off protection, the calculation result of the flowmeter and the parameters set by the user will not be lost after power off, EEPROM can save the set parameters and accumulated values. 10. Small signal removal function. The user can set the lower limit of power through the display panel to cut off small signals that interfere. 11. The instrument applies the principle of 'automatic zeroing' to eliminate the electrochemical interference signal, and the zero point is self-stabilizing. 12. The converter and sensor have multiple protection levels and installation methods, and have IP68 suitable for diving installation.
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