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Introducing the NEW Rugged Dissolved Oxygen Sensor exclusively for the meter SC7450. The sensor utilizes lifetime-based optical fluorescence sensor technology to provide an extremely stable, precise and low maintenance dissolved oxygen sensor. Unlike traditional sensors SC7450 does not require membranes, stirring, and cleaning and allows deployment for many months without need for re-calibration.


- High precision and accuracy. Measure absolute oxygen concentrations without field calibrations
- Integrates directly into the SC7450 with Smart Sensor technology - "Plug & Play"
- No membrane, stirring/flow, or cleaning required
- Ultra・rugged construction-316L, Titanium options
- Sapphire sensor window - extremely scratch resistant
- All of the optics and electronics are so|id・$tate with no moving parts
- Optical sensor is not damaged by ambient light, unlike other luminescent DO technologies
- Fully compatible with PC software for easy setup and data logging
- Low sensitivity to fouling
- Fast response time


- The SC7450 is designed for the continuous measurement of dissolved oxygen in water.
-Typical applications include:
- The measurement and control of the oxygen in aeration basins
- The monitoring of oxygen in the effluent from a sewage treatment plant
- The measurement and control of the oxygen content of public water supplies
- The measurement and control of the oxygen at fish farms.
- The oxygenation of drinking water.
- The sensor is suitable for most environmental water measurements, applications outside of the scope of applications
- Listed above may compromise the integrity of the sensor and should not be attempted without first consulting the factory.


- Range 0.00~20.00ppm, 0.00-20.00mg/L. 0-200% Air Saturation
- Typical response limit >25mg/L
- Accuracy ±0.lmg/L. ±0.1ppm, ±1%
- Respond Time T90< 16 seconds, oxygen increasing
- Technology Fluorophor impregnated membrane optical sensor, dynamic-luminescence quenching technique
- Calibration 1 or 2 point, typical calibration duration 12 months
- Operate Temp. 32~122℃(0~50℃)
- Store Temp. 14~14O℃ (-1D~6O℃)
- Protection Immersible. >IP68
- Pressure 5 bar
- Sonsor Material 316L. Titanium optional
- Digital Interface Modbus RTU



Tho turbidity is moasured based on the intensity of the dotected scattorod light and the concentration of the suspended matter in the water. This Is called the 90* scattered light method. With the simple optical structure, the SC7340 sensor has a high and balanced sensitivity to the suspended particles of various sizes. The higher turbidity in lhe water, the higher the amount of scattered light the sensor receives. Nephelo metric Turbidity Units(NTU) are the units of measurement used by a nephelo meter meeting EPA design criteria. Turbidity is expressed In NTU. which is based on the light-scatteringproperties of a standardized formazin polymer solution.
- Principle: Near infrared LED (880nm) and 90?scattered light method in accordance with ISO 1027/EN 27027
- Auto-Cleaning: Automatic Wiper cleaning system
-Consumption: At regular operation 50mA(Max); At cleaning operation 240mA(Max)


- Preliminary Treatment Stage
- Primary Treatment Stage
- Aeration Basin Stage
- Secondary Clarifier Tank Stage
- Return Activated Sludge (RAS) Line
- Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) Line
- Nitrification Basin Stage
- Final Filtration, Disinfecting, and Plant Effluent Stage
Monitoring suspended solids content in the primary discharge pipe helps to automate the primary sludge discharge. The goal of control at this stage is to thicken the sludge in the funnels of lhe primary settling tank as much as possible. Proper control ensures that the sludge will not become anaerobic and helps avoid a discharge of primary sludge into the activated sludge stage. It also guards against a water breakthrough to the bio-solids treatment stage・ Monitoring suspended solids concentration enables the operator to close the sludge discharge valve when a predetermined sludge concentration is reached, instead of depending on detention time in the primary clarifier.


- Range: 0-500/4000NTU 0.00~3000mg/L, 50g/L
- Resolution: 0.01-1NTU 0.01~1mg/L
- Unit: NTU. FTU. ppm. mg/L, g/L
- Accuracy: <±1%FS(Turbidity). <±5%FS(SS)
- Repeatability: ±2%FS
- Operate Temp.: 0-50℃
- Store Temp.: -10-60℃
- Protection:IP68
- Pressure: 5bar
- Material: 316L, Sapphirg Glass
- Digital Output: Modbus RS485
- Power 24VDC from GDC


SA-9 spectrometer probes use standardized spectral algorithms taking in toaccount the complete absorption spectrum of the water (200 - 750 nm in case of UV/Vis probe) for determination of organic sum parameters such as COD, TOC. BOB and DOC. Furthermore. SA-9's spectral compensation for Ight absorbing particles and turbidity provides a unique method that allows the monitoring of dissolved organic substances without the need for sample pre-treatment.







- Drinking water: quality control, alarm system
- Waste water: effluent monitoring, analysis of trends.early detection of disposal
- Process water: Process monitoring in the industrial facilities, control of water treatment
- Online continuous spectrum analyzer can use the same principle and measurement of COD. BOD. TOC and DOC (dissolved organic matter) and other parameters without sampling and protroatment. Even tho suspended solid is high, it can also measure parameters accurately through the compensation algorithm of suspension / unique turbidity spectral, the precision is usually higher than cabinet online analyzer.


- System: UV-Vis Spectrum (190~720nm)
- Measuring principle: Spectral analysis
- Optical path length: 2/5/20/35 mm
- Light source: Xenon flash light
- Accuracy: ±2% of reading
- Resolution: ?.5% of scale
- Temperature range: -10℃ up to +50℃ 
- Parameter: SAC254. COD, TOC/DOC, NO3-N. SS, Phenol. 03, H2S, Color Hazen-t/f






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