Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter alarm failure

by:Sure     2020-07-02
1. No display for electromagnetic flowmeter 1. Whether the power is on; 2. Is the power fuse normal? 3. Whether the power supply voltage is normal; 4. Whether the display contrast can be adjusted properly; 5. If the first three items are normal and the display contrast adjustment is abnormal, please return the meter to the factory for repair. Second, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter empty pipe alarm: 1. Whether the medium is full; 2. Short-circuit the three points of the converter signal input terminals SIG1, SIG2 and IGGND with wires. If the empty pipe alarm is cancelled, it means that the converter is normal. It may be that the medium conductivity is low or the empty pipe threshold and empty pipe range are set incorrectly. ; 3. Whether the signal connection is normal; 4. Whether the sensor electrode is normal; 5. Use a multimeter to measure the DC voltage between DS1 and DS2 should be less than 1V, otherwise the sensor electrode is contaminated and should be cleaned. 3. The upper limit (lower limit) alarm of electromagnetic flowmeter The upper limit (lower limit) alarm indicates that the output current and output frequency (or pulse) are over the limit. The alarm can be cancelled by changing the process range to larger (changed to smaller).
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