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Classification and use characteristics of ultrasonic

by:Sure     2020-07-05
Ultrasonic flowmeters are classified into online measurement and tool measurement. They are suitable for water, seawater, sewage, alcohol, acid-base liquids, various oils, and other single, uniform, non-impurity liquids that can transmit sound waves. It has the characteristics of better stability, higher precision and larger range. Ultrasonic measurement tools are divided into portable ultrasonic flowmeters and handheld ultrasonic flowmeters. The main advantages are small size, easy to carry, easy installation, high measurement accuracy, no need to break the pipe and break the flow. Only need to stick the probe to the outside of the pipeline, you can measure, display instantaneous flow, cumulative flowmeter, flow rate, etc. The measurement range is also relatively wide. Select different range probes according to different pipe diameters. Measurable pipe diameter DN15-DN6000. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter with built-in printer and memory. The measurement data can be printed in time or regularly. Ultrasonic flowmeters for online measurement are divided into pipeline ultrasonic flowmeters and plug-in ultrasonic flowmeters, and external ultrasonic flowmeters. More common is the long-term measurement applied to various pipeline conditions, continuous online measurement. Accuracy 1%. Can be equipped with temperature sensor to achieve temperature and heat measurement and display. Pipeline insertion ultrasonic flowmeter measures the diameter of DN15-DN6000. The installation is simple, the starting flow is low, the measurement accuracy is high, and there is no pressure loss. The plug-in ultrasonic flowmeter consists of a petroleum host and a plug-in sensor. Only need to open two installation ports on the surface of the pipeline to install the plug-in sensor. The external ultrasonic flowmeter is composed of a host and an external clamp sensor. Only need to paste the external sensor on the pipe surface to complete the measurement. The main unit of the ultrasonic flowmeter can be divided into an integrated host and a split host. The integrated host is installed with the sensor on the pipeline under test. There are four types of split mainframes: wall-mounted and modular, explosion-proof, and panel-mounted. The main unit can be installed indoors, on the instrument cabinet, or on the instrument panel. The applicable pipes of ultrasonic flowmeter are: steel, stainless steel, iron, cement pipe, copper pipe, PVC pipe, aluminum pipe, glass steel pipe and other pipes. Can be lined. The power supply modes are 220V and 24V.
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